Privacy Policy

Jaime Johnson & Associates Inc. has a responsibility and is accountable to protect the privacy of personal information regarding its clients. During client interactions, it is common to obtain basic personal information as well as information concerning assets, debts and income in order to discuss options for dealing with debt and formulating a plan to deal with debt. The purpose for any information collected during client interactions will be clearly communicated to the client while the information is being collected so the client can make an informed decision regarding consent to the collection of this information.

Personal information collected shall be limited to what is absolutely necessary to provide advice and/or restructuring services. Personal information will only be retained to the extent required to provide services to the client, or as required by law for any personal debt restructuring services rendered. Personal information will not be used or disclosed to a third party for purposes other than those for which it was collected unless required by law, rules, regulations; or with prior consent from the client. In the context of personal restructuring services, disclosures of information to third parties such as creditors or regulatory bodies, as required by law, shall be clearly communicated to the client prior to the disclosure of such information. All personal information shall be stored with appropriate safeguards to ensure there is no unauthorized access until such time the client relationship has concluded and the information can be destroyed.

Questions related to our privacy policy can be directed either in writing to our office or via email: